We try to stock a selection of real ales which are looked after very well. . Nanny Goat ale is our house ale which we have on a permanent basis. We also aim to accompany with one or two ‘guest’ ales. These could be from other Norfolk brewers such as Wolf, Beeston, Ole Slewfoot, Woodfordes , Grain and Humpty Dumpty, to name but a few, or from breweries in other parts of the U.K.

We also provide a choice of lagers including Peroni, Carlsberg and Budweiser, as well as the stoic Guinness and Aspalls cider. Why not try a nice pint of IPA Smooth.

The wine list contains wine from all over the world, so we hope to have at least one you would like, whether it’s red, rose or white. Our single serve bottles provide you with a fresh glass of wine varying from Merlot and Shiraz to Zinfandel Rose and including Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, prosecco and a sauvignon . Ask to see the wine list when you come in.

We have the normal run of the mill on bottles i.e. your buds newcastles, alcopops and soft drinks and a very wide range of spirits and liquers including 15 different malt whiskeys.